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APRIL 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE! Cirque du Soleil, Part 2: by Alan Bershaw
Hi All, Here to continue our coverage of Jewel’s recent One Night For One Drop Cirque du Soleil event on March 2, 2018. I’ll be sharing some choice video footage from both the rehearsals and the performance with you, as well as... Read More
MARCH 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE! Cirque du Soleil, Part 1: by West Kennerly
For the Ides of March EDA Inclusive I assembled a series of photos that I shot last month during Jewel’s Cirque rehearsals at the MJ One Theater in Las Vegas. The photos cover most of February up to the big show on Friday night, March 2nd. My goal was to document... Read More
My dad's new book "Son of a Midnight Land" and podcast!
Read my dad’s new book “Son of a Midnight Land!” Its out today and... Read More
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